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Accelerating Drug Development with Innovative Services

The Epistem Approach


Epistem prides itself on its commitment to providing reliable, innovative, and transferable models, platforms and services to support decision making throughout the drug discovery, development, and early clinical pipeline. With a track record of working with over 200 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we offer preclinical and clinical services that you can count on.

Our preclinical services include both in vitro and in vivo models, with a focus on oncology and inflammatory diseases, as well as extensive experience in the gastrointestinal disease area, including GI toxicities. We also offer organoid models for the modelling of complex physiological systems and diseases.

Our GCLP-accredited laboratories also support clinical trials, providing histology, IHC and Image Analysis, gene expression and DNA genotyping services.

We are proud to offer specialist research services that provide invaluable support to drug discovery and development pipelines. Our experienced and highly skilled technical team is dedicated to delivering custom protocols and personalised services of the utmost quality, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

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“I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to our project, the professionalism and all the on-study and post-study support that you provide. You’ve gone beyond the call of duty many times to accommodate our unusual requests!! You’re certainly one of the premier companies that we’ve worked with over the years.”

- Senior Scientist, Biotech Company

“Epistem’s services compare fantastically to that of other CROs. We have had a great experience working with them.”

- Project Manager, Big Pharma

“I personally really appreciate the scientific exchange we have and the trust we built. I know that you will always help us to define the best study based on your deep experience.”

- Senior Scientist, Biotech Company

The images are some of the highest quality I have ever seen. The report was highly comprehensive.

- Project Leader, Big Pharma

“We truly enjoyed all the work we have done with you from the assay development and clinical logistics to our biweekly meetings. Epistem has been a model vendor and we are so appreciative of the ease of working with you all!”

- Study Director, Big Pharma