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Human Living Skin Equivalent

An In Vitro Model Ideally Suited For Claims Support

Epistem's 3D Human Living Skin Equivalent model is highly reproducible and closely
resembles fully stratified human epidermis, but is constructed on an artificial dermis.

Why Human Skin Equivalents?

Living skin equivalents are 3D models that closely mimic the structure and function of fully stratified human epidermis but can be highly customised, with all components defined. A frequently used tool for developing new skincare products.

In this industry-standard model, freshly isolated human keratinocytes are overlaid onto a human fibroblast-containing collagen gel and allowed to stratify.

Agents can be applied topically or mimic systemic exposure via the culture media.

Other cell types, such as melanocytes, can also be incorporated. The Epistem model is assembled and used in-house and allows for an extended assay period (up to 10 days).

The donor skin used to isolate each cell type can be tailored (e.g., ethnicity, age, body site).

The service is also supported by Epistem’s fully GCLP accredited histology and immunohistochemistry service.


  • Histometric analysis
  • Proliferation, differentiation and apoptotic markers
  • WST-1 assay for cytotoxicity screening
  • UV damage marker quantification
  • Protein expression
  • Gene expression including anti-ageing and anti-oxidant pathways

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