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Cancer Stem Cell Sphere Assay

Assess the Effect of a Novel Therapeutic Agent on the Sphere-Forming Ability of Tumour Cells

The Cancer Stem Cell Sphere Assay evaluates the efficacy of novel therapeutic agents to target tumour initiating cells in cell lines or cells isolated from tumours.

Why Cancer Stem Cell Assays?

Evidence suggests that tumours are derived from, and maintained by, a self-renewing subpopulation of undifferentiated cells which are often resistant to conventional forms of chemotherapy. This assay measures the ability of therapeutics to target these cells.

Cancer cells are plated at low concentration in non-adherent conditions; the majority of cells die by anoikis, leaving only those resistant cells with stem cell properties which form spheres, or clusters, of cells. The sphere forming efficiency is quantified.

Epistem’s cancer stem cell assay can be used alongside xenograft models to assess the effect of novel therapeutic agents on the different tumour cell populations in vivo.

Key benefits of sphere stem cell assays:

In vitro model: Sphere stem cell assays provide a useful in vitro model for studying cancer stem cells in a controlled environment.

• Clonal analysis: Sphere stem cell assays can be used to study the behaviour of individual stem cells, including their ability to self-renew and differentiate.

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