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Wound Healing

Wound Closure Models in Healthy or Compromised Tissue

Epistem has considerable epithelial biology expertise and can provide a range of clinically relevant preclinical wound healing models

An Overview

Both in vitro and in vivo models are available. We offer significant expertise in models that investigate complex aspects of wound healing including cell migration, proliferation, wound contraction and angiogenesis.

Epistem’s in vitro monolayer and 3D assays, and range of in vivo models, can evaluate the efficacy and safety of novel therapeutics. Both are supported by histology / IHC and pharmacogenomics analysis as well as flow cytometry and protein expression services for in depth analysis of model endpoints.

In Vitro Wound Healing – Cell Proliferation, migrations and wound contraction assays.

In Vivo Wound Healing – Acute excisional and incisional wound healing models

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