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Epistem’s Oncology Portfolio Efficiently Advances Agents Through the Drug Discovery and Development Pipeline

Epistem has a long history in oncology research. It was originally founded as a spin out from the Paterson Institute, a CRUK laboratory, based in Manchester.

An Overview

Epistem has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality preclinical oncology efficacy services which has evolved to provide biomarker proof of concept and clinical trial support.

Our oncology team has a wealth of experience taking therapeutic agents from early-stage in vitro proof of concept testing, in vivo efficacy models, through to quantification of target engagement (biomarkers) that are then used to support clinical studies. Services are offered individually or as part of an integrated package.

Target validation includes cell line / cancer stem cell and grafted tumour responses, pre and post exposure target expression levels and induced pathway responses. In vivo models may be simple subcutaneous models or more complex orthotopic/metastatic models employing bioluminescent tumour cells and imaging techniques. Treatments may be small molecules, antibodies (+/- a payload), cell therapies, radiation (+/- radiosensitisers) and combinations of the above.

Our Models

  • Target Validation
  • Cancer Stem Cell Sphere Assay
  • Subcutaneous Xenograft Model
  • Therapy Side Effects
  • Orthotopic & Metastatic Bioluminescent Models

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