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Hair Gene Expression

Hair Gene Expression Can Be Used for Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Discovery and Clinical Applications

Profiles can be obtained from plucked hair using Epistem’s proprietary gene expression technologies. Small amounts of RNA are extracted from the hair bulb and gene expression levels are determined by Next-Generation Sequencing.

Why Hair Gene Expression?

Leveraging Gene Expression Profiling in Hair Samples for Comprehensive Analysis

Gene expression can be of particular advantage where the target or pathway is unknown or there is not a suitable antibody available that allows responses to be measured easily. Many gene changes can be measured simultaneously with low intra- and inter-donor variation. Unlike IHC a single protocol is suited to all applications.

Epistem’s extensive database containing gene expression profiling information from mouse, rat and human samples can confirm if genes of interest are expressed in hair. Ex vivo exposure of hair to a drug allows drug-related changes in gene expression to be established and a potential gene signature generated.

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