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Target Validation

Target Validation Plays a Pivotal Part During the Development of Novel Therapeutics

Epistem has expertise in various aspects of target validation, employing different technologies, from cell line IC50 assays to quantification of phosphorylated targets and modulation of gene expression pathways.

Why Target Validation

Target validation is an early stage of oncology drug development and must confirm that a potential drug engages the target and there is a resulting therapeutic benefit – usually tumour cell death.

Epistem can assist in the selection and provision of appropriate cell lines and tumour types expressing a given target. Target expression responses pre/post treatment can be quantified by cell count/viability assays, immunohistochemistry with image analysis, flow cytometry or by gene expression profiling (including next generation sequencing).

Ideally, such studies will also test for potential side effects (toxicities), including the responses of normal cells/tissues that may express low levels of the target (or target family members).

Models include:

  • Xenografted tumours
  • Tissue biopsies


  • IC50 and EC50
  • Viability, Proliferation and Apoptosis
  • Histology
  • Immunohistochemistry / Quantitative Image Analysis
  • Flow cytometry
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • PCR

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