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In Vivo Wound Healing

Acute and Chronic Skin Wound Models

Epistem’s in vivo models allow the evaluation of a wide range of wound healing outcomes in response to experimental therapies. Excisional and incisional models are available. Studies can be performed under conditions where the healing process is delayed, such as diabetes, infection and ageing.

Why In Vivo Wound Models?

In Vivo models allow full recapitulation of the 3D skin healing process, including the vascular and immune responses.

Acute In Vivo Models

Epistem offers acute excisional and incisional wounding models.

Chronic In Vivo Models

Pathological and physiological conditions may give rise to delays in the wound healing process, resulting in the formation of chronic wounds. Epistem can offer a variety of chronic wound models, including diabetes-impaired wound healing, delayed wound healing caused by oestrogen deficiency and infection-delayed wound healing.

The models available allow a range of healing endpoints to be measured, such as wound closure, re-epithelialisation, angiogenesis, granulation tissue maturity, collagen deposition and inflammatory response.


  • Wound closure and degree of scarring
  • Histology and immunohistochemistry
  • Image analysis (Aperio® ScanScope®)
  • Cytokine profiling
  • Gene expression

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