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qPCR & Microarray Analysis

Epistem's Off-the-shelf and Customised Assays

Unlocking Insights into Gene Expression: Leveraging qPCR and Microarray Analysis with Epistem's Versatile Off-the-shelf and Customised Assays.

What's Available

Unveiling the Hidden Insights of Your Genomics Data with Epistem's Comprehensive Analysis


Epistem offers focused Real-Time quantitative and qualitative PCR, with assays designed and validated for industry standard performance based on a comparative Ct method. We offer off-the-shelf commercial assays and can also customise and design qPCR assays as a service, to Sponsor requirements.

We routinely perform assay validation before deploying an assay on samples. Epistem offers a variety of qPCR platforms, including the high-throughput Fluidigm BioMark platform, enabling us to assess 100s of genes in a single sample.


Choose from Affymetrix and Agilent platforms and take your pick of pre-designed or custom-designed arrays. Whether you are studying human, non-human primate, dog, rat or mouse species, Epistem’s whole genome array services have got you covered.

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