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Oral Mucositis Model

Epistem offers a clinically relevant in vivo model of oral mucositis.

Prof. Chris Potten and Dr. Cath Booth, co-founders of Epistem, conducted groundbreaking research on stem cells in the intestine, elucidating their precise location and behaviour. Their studies also shed light on the detrimental impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on different cell populations, particularly in the context of oral mucositis.

Quantifying Oral Mucositis

A more objective and mechanistically informative readout than a visual evaluation

Oral mucositis is a common and often debilitating side effect of cancer treatment, particularly radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In order to better understand the mechanisms underlying oral mucositis and to develop new treatments, researchers have developed a range of animal models of the condition.

Model Description

Focal radiation is administered locally to the oral tissue causing inhibition of proliferation. Epithelial thinning occurs and over the following 8 days, mucositis typically develops. Novel therapeutic agent can be administered by prophylactic, co-insult or post-insult regimens.

Histopathological damage is quantified at several fixed locations on the ventral tongue or buccal mucosa.

Data can be directly correlated with pK studies in the same species.

Potential Readouts

  • Time course data on tissue thinning, cell loss and recovery
  • Comparison of effects at matched locations
  • Comparison of topical vs. systemic administration effects
  • Quantification of cell responses
  • Histological analysis and Immunohistochemistry

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