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Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Exposure (DEARE) Models

Evaluation of Radiation Induced Toxicity Months After Exposure

In this model long term damage to tissues can be evaluated and compared to the normal aging process.


Evaluating Long-Term Effects, Potential Treatments, and Comprehensive Insights into Radiation-Induced GI Pathology

Survivors of GI-ARS often develop DEARE, where damage may be restricted to a single organ combine to develop multi-organ injury. This can be modelled using bone marrow protection techniques to prevent H-ARS. The long term effect on tissues can be compared to age matched controls. Effects of potential treatments that may prevent, reduce or delay DEARE can be evaluated.

Epistem models offer comprehensive insights into the late effects of radiation exposure. This includes changes in GI pathology such as crypt and villus size, number, vascularisation and levels of inflammation and fibrosis.


  • Crypt regeneration
  • Apoptosis and proliferation
  • Histology / IHC and image analysis
  • Flow cytometry (inflammatory cells etc)
  • Protein / Gene expression (including specific areas using lase capture microscopy)
  • Cytokine profiling

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