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International Day of Women & Girls in Science

Epistem highlights the importance of celebrating the achievements of women and girls in science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is a powerful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in science and to promote gender equality. By working together to support women and girls in science, healthcare, and technology, we can help to create a better future for all and build a world that is more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Here at Epistem, we are proud to be led by co-founder and CEO, Dr Cath Booth. Following the completion of her PhD from Cambridge University, Dr Booth worked primarily in academia before moving into entrepreneurship. Throughout this journey, the challenges faced only by women in the scientific industry became more apparent.

“When I founded Epistem, there was a financial risk as well as that to my career reputation. At the time I was only responsible for myself, but I imagine if I also had family responsibilities I may not have taken the same level of risk and certainly could not have committed the level of time required.”  

Given the experiences faced throughout her career, Dr Booth is committed to establishing strong values of equality, diversity, and inclusion here at Epistem. The scientific enterprise is stronger when it reflects the full diversity of humanity, including gender, race, culture, and background.